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Wine experts recognize that proper storage is the key to developing the full potential of wine as it ages. In the Academie du Vin Wine Cellar Book, a guide to creating wine cellars, Steven Spurrier writes:

"The ideal cellar should be at basement level, dug out of a solid rock or built of bricks or stone...It is important that the temperature remains constant between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (50-59 degrees Fahrenheit), and the cellar should be well ventilated yet free from all odors. The light needs to be dim although enough to see by, and the humidifier ought to read between 60 and 70 percent humidity."

Each of these factors has been carefully considered and meticulously maintained at East Bank Wine Storage. Our below grade wine cellars have state-of-the-art refrigeration and humidity control systems with redundant sensors to ensure proper temperature and humidity levels and consistency. These systems are monitored on site by our staff as well as off site by a security company 24hrs a day. Additionally, this equipment is all ceiling mounted to remove any sources of vibration. Our cellars have no sources of outside light and our lighting is on timed proximity sensors to ensure there is adequate light when required.

Our Lockers range in size from 8 to 1000 cases in size. These lockers can be combined, separated, or built out to meet your needs. We can also build custom wine racks per your specification. Our lockers are constructed to ensure proper ventilation and sufficient security.

Our wine cellars are only accessible to current wine storage customers and those escorted by our staff. We have sophisticated door entry systems operated by magnetic keys and/or bionic fingerprint readers which ensure proper authorization and maintain user entry history. Additionally, we have 24hr security cameras monitoring the wine cellars.